Intensive dates 2015-2016

The next intensive workshops at Pineapple are up and open for booking. Yay!

This is a very brief outline for those of you who were emailing me asking about dates.  I will post a more detailed page soon.

October 17th 16:00-19:00
October 18th 15:00-18:00

November 7th 16:00-19:00
November 8th 15:00-18:00


January 9th 16:00-19:00

February 6th 16:00-19:00
February 7th 15:00-18:00

March 12th 16:00-19:00
March 13th 15:00-18:00

April 2nd 16:00-19:00
April 3rd 15:00-18:00

May 7th 16:00-19:00
May 8th 15:00-18:00

To book choose the date you’d like and click on the link.
Each session is limited to 4 couples, gift vouchers are available here.